March 12, 2019
Murfreesboro, TN

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approved Minutes of Last Meeting
  3. Voted to elect Mike Reed as President of the Board of Control.  Voted to elect Greg McCullough as Vice-President of the Board of Control
  4. Approved the 2018 BlueCross Bowl Team Allotment Report
  5. Approved the Financial Report of the 2019 State Bowling Tournament
  6. Approved the Financial Report of the 2018 TSSAA Hall of Champions Games
  7. Denied Hunters Lane High School’s appeal regarding ineligible player fine
  8. Voted to change the assessment for Catastrophic Insurance for football players from $5 per year to $6 per year in 2019-20 which assists in the cost of the premium.
      The Board will re-visit the assessment for following years at a future meeting.
  1. Heard an update regarding ongoing discussions with the Tennessee Golf Association and Tennessee Golf Foundation.  Chad Anderson, Executive Director of the Tennessee Golf Association, was present to speak to the Board.
  2. Approved Natchez Trace Youth Academy’s request to play in the Division II-A West Region, District 5.
  3. Approved Macon Christian Academy’s request to continue your cooperative agreement with Macon County High School.
  4. Approved South Pittsburg High School and St. Andrew’s Sewanee School’s request for cooperative approval in girls’ softball.
  5. Approved Lakeway Christian Academy’s request to renew membership for the 2019-20 school year.
    Since the school was previously approved for membership and withdrew, the TSSAA Bylaws require that they must be an affiliate member for one year upon application to renew membership.  The school will not be classified in football since the next two-year cycle has been set and contracts signed. The school will be placed in Division II, Class A, East Region, District 1 in all other sports.
  6. Approved Samuel Everett School of Innovation request for TSSAA Membership
    The school’s request is to become a member for cooperative purposes only for the 2018-19 school year.  This is a K-12 public school under the Blount County Board of Education. They currently have a total enrollment of 147 students and are expecting to reach 200 next year.
  7. Discussed a proposed addition to the summer football Sports Calendar that will be considered by the Legislative Council.
  8. Discussed a proposed addition to the Football Spring Practice Regulations which will be considered by the Legislative Council.
  9. Heard an update regarding the InsideOut Initiative.
  10. Voted to endorse what the Tennessee Basketball Coaches’ Association is doing regarding the NCAA/NFHS Summer Basketball Events.
    The NCAA and NFHS, along with state associations, will be hosting summer basketball events to give college coaches the opportunity to see potential college prospects.
  11. Denied Berean Christian School’s cooperative agreement request that their current student-athletes be allowed to finish their cooperative agreements with the current school programs.
  12. Approved Blyth Templeton Academy’s request for TSSAA and TMSAA membership for the Fall of 2019.  This is a small private school in downtown Nashville with 80 students in grades 5-12. They would compete in cross country, golf, soccer, and volleyball. They will be placed in Division II, Class A, District 4.

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